Prey Early Reactions Are Here! And They’re Positive! – AvP Galaxy

With Prey’s world premiere at Dan Diego Comic Con having recently finished, the reactions are starting to hit social media (and our own forums from AvP Galaxy members in attendance) and they’re very positive! Many are calling it best film next to the original.

Our own podcast co-host and website staffer Adam “RidgeTop” Zeller was in attendance, along with frequent collaborator Mikey! You can check out their opinions below.

And, now, the many tweets that are filling Twitter’s #Prey and #PreyMovie feed can be seen below!

In conjunction with Prey’s premiere, 20th Century Studios and Hulu also released a brand new poster for the film depicting Amber Midthunder’s Naru leaping from a cliff onto a giant portrayal of the Feral Predator’s face (very David and Goliath).

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